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Pay Per Click (PPC)

We Keep You Involved : Get More From Paid Search with the Leading PPC Management Company. Our number one goal is to maximize your pay-per-click by bringing in quality leads, At Infonicmedia , we’re on a mission to trim the fat and make sure your paid search strategy gives back more than it takes.

What's Included In Our PPC Advertising Services

PPC advertising is a cost-effective, quick way to generate more website traffic, leads, and sales. When you choose our PPC management company, you'll get:


Completing a market analysis of your service areas and industry Finding local competitors currently investing in PPC with higher ad positioning Analyzing search terms, monthly search volumes.


Researching keywords to find what and how your customers are searching for your services Creating ad copy and for high-performing ads Split-testing ad copy and creatives Conducting competitor research


Tracking average ad positions by campaign Tracking click-through rate Tracking and optimizing cost per click Tracking leads, calls, and sales Attributing revenue to each paid campaign.


Managing and tweaking bids for each campaign Monitoring keyword search queries and adjusting bidding Monitoring the average position, click-through rate, and cost per click And more optimizations for campaign improvement.


Paid ads that target consumers based on their queries in search engines PPC-ad-specific landing page optimizations Coordinated paid search and SEO campaigns Display advertisement campaigns Retargeted ads and remarketing campaigns.


Paid social media marketing campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and more YouTube advertising Google Ads campaign management Google Local Services ads management

How paid Search Work?

There are more opportunities today to reach your customers and prospects than ever before. At the same time, there’s more competition. Results pages and social media platforms are flooded with content. Millions of blogs, videos, and graphics are published every single minute. This information overload makes it harder than ever to get your message in front of the people who matter most.

It begins with data

At the foundation of our paid search campaigns is data. Before we even brainstorm a strategy, we pore through market research and we get to understand our clients’ short-term and long-term goals. Once campaigns are launched, we monitor results daily and adjust strategies when needed, to ensure our clients get the best possible return.

It takes off with innovation

When we realized our multi-location clients could not track cost-per-leads down to the location level, we developed a proprietary platform to make it possible. Now, thanks to this platform, we can adjust paid campaigns within each location, based on performance, trends, and more.

It soars with our passion

Data and technology are key to any successful paid campaign. But you’ll never enjoy long-term success if you don’t have a partner wholly invested in your success. At Infonic Media, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail. Our project management team responds to client requests within five minutes.

Why PPC Matters

Aside from the data we have about how PPC can drive real results for all types of brands, you should also consider the benefits of PPC advertising in general.

It’s Cost-Effective

A mobile app landing page is the important and essentials amount product. Sure, you’ll end up wasting a lot of money if you’re not careful about how you spend your budget but with you can optimize your campaigns on a monthly basis. This is why it’s best to hire a professional PPC team to help to optimize your advertising campaign in the most cost effecient way.

Works Well With Other Advertising Channels

ppc may be an necessary a part of your digital advertising method and plays nicely with other advertising and marketing methods, For an instance. PPC should be your go-toPPC and SEO also work very well together. This is because the traffic and impressions are generally to the same targeted audience – that use search engines to find information,

100% Response Time

In real-time systems the response time of a task or thread is defined as the time elapsed between the dispatch (time when task is ready to execute) to the time when it finishes its job

Customer Support

when digital marketing was not as big as it is now, there was no need for a company’s marketing department and their customer support to collaborate.

Customers Reviews

Our Happy Clients

Client Photo
Harshita Dwivedi

Consistently professional and reliable, and always a pleasure to work and brainstorm with!

Client Photo
Rajni Saini

The group at Infonic Media has been BY FAR the best group of digital advertisers I have worked with. They are constantly staying up-to-date on the latest trends which helps significantly on any ecommerce site.

Client Photo
Ravi gupta

It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Infonic Media Group team. They are extremely knowledgeable and resourceful on all matters PPC. In addition, everyone I have come in contact with is so friendly

Client Photo
Pari Jain

It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Infonic Media Group team. They are extremely knowledgeable and resourceful on all matters PPC. In addition, everyone I have come in contact with is so friendly

Client Photo
Chetan Sharma

It's a pleasure to work the team over at Infonic Media . Bringing on an agency isn't always easy, but the Infonic Media team has been timely in their executions and helped us

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Happy Clients

Why Select Infonic Media Over Other PPC Companies?

At Infonic Media , we try and let our clients speak for us. Take a look at these Infonic Media reviews and hear straight from our clients why we are the best PPC management company for home service companies.

We won’t handcuff you for a specific amount of time. Ever.

Some PPC advertising companies won’t let you keep your ad creatives when you leave. Not us.

All your PPC ads are tracked, measured, and analyzed for improvements. This lowers your costs and raises results.

(you can actually understand) that connect PPC performance to your bottom line.

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